Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chef Kass

While road-tripping over the weekend, our car crew listened to a great episode of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me - one of my favorite NPR shows.  It combines current events, trivia, and humor into a very amusing, informative, and fun hour of radio entertainment.

I was especially appreciative of this past episode because during one of the segments, the host, Peter Sagal (who is hilarious, by the way) interviewed the current White House chef, Sam Kass.  Because of the First Lady's "Let's Move" initiative and her push to make families healthier, Chef Kass only serves healthy food at the White House (much of which comes from a garden they planted on the South Lawn!).  

Chef Kass (source)
The whole interchange is interesting, informative, and quite humorous as well.  I invite you all to give it a listen (or you can read the transcript) by clicking here.  

Humor and health - it's a combo that works quite well together.  Enjoy! 

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