Friday, April 13, 2012

Smoking = Shark Attacks

So we all know that smoking is bad for you, but did you know that THIS could happen?

Okay, so maybe smoking doesn't lead to shark attacks.  Maybe, just maybe, I saw a comic about sharks that had a somewhat relevant note regarding health and decided it belonged on this blog.  I'm a sucker for sharks.  What can I say?

I'm not here to give you a diatribe about smoking - more likely than not, if you're a smoker, you already know the dangers!  But I for one am staying away from cigarettes because, among other reasons,  I don't want to get gobbled up by Jaws.      

Seriously, though - can you imagine how much healthier our lifestyles would be if we were at risk of being attacked by a shark every time we did something detrimental to our bodies?  

Glug, glug, beer - CHOMP!
"I'd rather sit on the couch than go to the gym today" - CHOMP!
Nom, nom, mac & cheese - CHOMP!
"A whole package of bacon to myself?  Don't mind if I do!" - CHOMP!
Slurp, slurp, ice cream sundae - CHOMP!

Could it be that sharks have the potential to be a healthy lifestyle's most convincing advocate?!  

I like it.  I like it a lot.

Have a great weekend, everyone!  See you on Monday.

Check out more of Mr. Lovenstein's Left+Right comic strip here.  


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