Thursday, April 5, 2012

MM & BB Yoga It Up

Peeps, I made a big step in my fitness goals last night (and no, it was not related to my pedometer).  I attended a yoga class put together by LivingSocial with my darling health-guru future sis-in-law, Margo.  It was intense, it was comprehensive, and they gave us free wine at the end.  Always a plus to any workout.

The class was held in LivingSocial's new downtown space.  They brought in an awesome instructor from Yoga District named Cara and over the course of an hour, we stretched, we posed, we relaxed, we struggled, we sweated.

I was beyond nervous to do this, guys.  For one thing, I am terribly inflexible.  Do you all remember the v-sit in elementary school?  I do.  It basically scarred me for life.

For another, if your impression of yoga is anything like mine (and this is coming from a girl that has definitely participated in yoga classes before - even if... well... it hasn't been for a few years), you're constantly assuming that you'll need to be able to stand on your head like this within 15 minutes of the class starting:

But luckily for me and the rest of the inflexible populace, that is not entirely what yoga is about.  As our instructor, Cara, explained to us, yoga is about approaching the divine inner light within your heart.  It's about coordinating your movements with your breath, and becoming one with the process.  Cara was constantly reminding us that if we were uncomfortable with a position, we could remain in one that worked better for our bodies.  It was very reassuring for a novice like me.  I was blown away by how receptive and accommodating yoga can be, while still challenging your mind and body deeply.  

Despite the fact that I was sweating my butt off and practically every muscle (including ones I didn't know I had) was shouting at me by the end of it, I felt at peace.  The combination of mental relaxation and physical exertion was in perfect balance.       

If you live in the DC area and are interested in pursuing yoga, you should 100% check out Yoga District.  They have five different locations and offer classes on a donation basis ($10/class).  Their classes are affordable, they offer tons of options for all skill levels, and the center works on a volunteer non-profit mission basis.  It's a super cool way to get in touch with your inner light!

I know I'll be heading back.  Let me know if you'd like to join me!

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