Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Crab Cake Recipe

I am married to a Baltimore Boy.

A Charm City Charmer.
A B'more Beau.
A Maryland Man.

Baltimore Boys love certain things, including:
  • The Baltimore Ravens
  • The Wire
  • National Bohemian beer (Natty Boh to the locals)
  • The Inner Harbor
  • The Baltimore Orioles
  • The National Aquarium
  • Crab Cakes ("Crab cakes and football, that's what Maryland DOES!")
Michael (or Bracks, as he's known to most of world) has been a great sport so far during my quest to discover the perfect balance between a fun and healthy life. I decided it was high-time to find something I could make that would be right up his alley. Bracks, like all good Baltimore Boys, loves crab cakes. So I was beyond delighted to find an awesome recipe via Pinterest for crab cakes that are meaty, spicy, and altogether delicious.  Oh, and two of them are only 3 WW Points+.  Total.  Ridiculous, I know.  

Before giving you the link on how to make these bad boys, I have a few suggestions to perfect what is already a great recipe:
#1:  The red-pepper-chipotle sauce is delicious but verrrry spicy.  Use sparingly, and serve on the side.  Don’t drizzle on top as recommended in the recipe.
#2:  Add a tablespoon of Old Bay to the crab mixture before cooking.  Though the crab cakes were still good without it, I think the Old Bay is just what is needed to take these patties to the top - and without adding any WW Points+, either!
#3: Pick some nice veggie sides. I served ours with: 

  • Fresh corn on the cob - I just shucked the corn right into the trashcan, wrapped them in a damp paper towel, and microwaved them for five minutes.  If I’d had more time, I would’ve grilled them outside, but it was cold and I was in a hurry (2 WW Points+ without butter/spread).
  • Asparagus - I broke off the tough ends with my hands (they naturally break off where the tough part stops), sprayed them lightly with olive oil cooking spray, and lightly salted them. Then, I broiled them for about 10 minutes (0 WW Points+)!

I promise you - the last thing you will be after chowing down this meal is crabby.

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