Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Girls Weekend

This past weekend, my mama and I took advantage of the gorgeous April weather and awesome spring travel deals by getting out of dodge for a ladies weekend.  

It was filled with long walks, lots of wine, sporadic mini-workouts, plenty of delicious food, and some classic goober hanging out.

Me: [as I climb into the car at the start of our road trip]  Mama, you're my BFF.
Mama:  Biz, you're my BFD.
Me: ...
Mama:  Best... Friend... Daughter...?!

That, ladies and gents, is how our weekend began.

We had a great time, and since we're both trying to get healthier, it was a very interesting challenge for us.  We tried our best to follow our pre-determined mission:  How to balance having fun on vacation while still being responsible about your health.  

All in all, I can confidently say that our weekend combo of health and fun was a raging success...

...despite the fact that we made a pit stop at a potato chip factory not two hours after heading out of town.
It was Route 11!  Any native Virginian could tell you that you can't just bypass a Route 11 factory sign.
My mama and I came up with a list of fun ways to keep health a priority when you're on vacation, and I have compiled them here for your pleasure (and hopefully for some healthy future vacation inspiration - or as I like to call it, future vacayspiration).

So without further ado, Mama T & Bizzy B present...

The Queen & Bizzy Bees' Guide to 
Having Healthy Fun on Vacay:

#1 - B.Y.O.S. (Bring Your Own Snacks).  We stuffed a big cooler to the gills with fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, bottled water, Vita Coco, tomatillo salsa (zero points!!), seltzer, and more.  In addition, we brought some veggie crisps and multigrain tortilla chips.  It was great to have healthy options while we were on the road, and once we were in the hotel room we moved the perishables to the minibar - voila! - healthy (and cold!) snack options all weekend long!
Yes, that is 3 buck chuck.  My mum and I keep it classy.
#2 - Take the stairs.  I know that this is not always an option, but if your room is on the second or third floor of your hotel, use the stairwell instead of the elevator.  It's a super easy way to get some extra cardio in without having to go crazily out of your way.  Our room was on the second floor, and we promised each other when we arrived that we would not use the elevator for our entire stay - and we didn't!  And wouldn't you know it, we consistently arrived on our desired floor at the same time as those who took the elevator.  More than once, as my mama and I skipped out of the stairwell, we heard our elevator counterparts remark: "Oh, darnit, we should've taken the stairs."  Let's replace those "we shoulds" with "we dos!"

#3 - Walk it out.  You all probably know by now that I'm a big proponent of walking for fitness.  One of the great things about being on vacation in a new place is that there is so much to explore!  Which means there are plenty of opportunities to walk around!  Our hotel had plenty of foot paths and trails surrounding it, and we took full advantage.  Like good little walker bees, we brought our pedometers and had a great time watching our steps add up as we explored our surroundings.  So make sure you pack a pair of walking shoes or sneaks, grab your pedometer (or your pedometer app), and make like Dora!
#4 - Your Hotel Room = Mini Gym.  My mama and I would start each day off by doing a quick under-10-minute ab workout, and a series of stretches.  Hotel rooms aren't the most spacious of places, but there is usually enough to stretch out and get your muscles warmed up for the day.  I definitely recommend making a habit of doing it before you head down to that breakfast buffet.  It was amazing how good we felt after starting off our days with little strength training routines!
Work it out!
#5 - It's okay to indulge every once in a while.  After all, you're on vacation!  Though I'm not suggesting that means we should all throw caution to the wind and take a bath in a giant tub filled with macaroni and cheese (though let's be honest - it would be awesome), vacation is about stepping away from the norm and having fun doing it, isn't it!?  We don't always have to deprive ourselves.  So, for example, when the lobster mashed potatoes were calling our name at our restaurant on Friday night, we ordered them (to share).  I think I've dreamed about them every night since.  Totally worth it.
Whoops, forgot to take a pic of the lobster mash.  But this is the place.  Isn't my mama the cutest?

So there you have it - just how my mama and I were able to have an indulgent weekend full of lobster mash, potato chip factories, wine, and the like, while still eating (mostly) healthy, staying active, and feeling good all the while!

Since vacation season is fast approaching, I encourage you all to brainstorm your own tips and strategies for how to balance fun and healthiness while out of town.  Both are possible and work wonderfully well together!!  It goes without saying that when you're on vacation, sticking to your typical health regiment is more difficult.  But what is wonderful about this type of challenge is that it offers you the opportunity to get creative- to find new ways to have fun while still being good to your body and mind.
Queen Bee & Bizzy Bee
Especially when you get to stop at a potato chip factory along the way.


If you want to read a bit more on how other health-focused peeps handle being on the road, here are some great links:


  1. Looks like you had an amazing weekend! Love the tips for finding a healthy balance on vacay. I'm going to use these on my trips this summer! xoxo

  2. That's What Makes You Beautiful... Oh-Oh-Oh...!

  3. Thanks for the tips! Love the pictures and thanks for being such a good role model to all of us! :) Love, Molly (McCormick!)