Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Afternoon Links ~ 4/30/12

Here are the links that have my mind and body buzzing this week:

10 Ways to Keep Your Workouts Exciting
This is really great, especially since heading to the gym can certainly get boring and repetitive after awhile.

12 Processed Foods with More Than 25 Ingredients
Checking the ingredients list on packaged food is one of the smartest things you can do.

14 Foods I'm Loving Lately!
Vegan Angela Liddon has an amazing blog called Oh She Glows. In this entry, she features some of her favorite foods that look delicious, satisfying, and très healthy.

6 Dieting Rules You'll Love to Follow
Healthy eating doesn't have to be painful!

7 Foods with More Vitamin C Than an Orange
There are so many ways to get enough Vitamin C - check these out!

73 Cheap and Healthy Recipes from the Greatist Cookbook
I'm always in search of new healthy recipes - tons of great ideas here!

Believe That You Are Strong
A fact that many of us often forget.

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
We live in a competitive society.  This article helps deal with some of the problems that can emerge as a result.

Know Before You Go: Spin Class
A great primer on spin class!  Confession - I've never been, but I'm determined to change this fact, ASAP.

Laughing Your Way to Good Health
Just another excuse to watch The Simpsons on the treadmill.

Mother's Day: Gifts for the Healthy-Minded Mom
Some wonderful ideas for a healthy mama!

Music Can Boost Your Running Performance by 15 Percent
Grab that iPod before you head out for your workout!

Regular Exercise Leads to a Healthier, Smarter Brain
And the benefits of exercising continue!

Simple Tips on How to Stay Healthy All Day Long
FitSugar has compiled a ton of awesome tips on living a healthy day-to-day.  Very informative!

Surprisingly Calcium-Rich Foods That Aren't Milk
A great guide for people who are limiting their dairy intake.

Top 10 Superfoods
Bracks sent me this one - I'm equally excited about how into healthy food he is now as I am about how informative and helpful this article is!


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