Monday, April 30, 2012

Musical Monday #4 - The Dance Edition

Here are the jams that are keeping my legs pumping and my mind occupied in the gym this week:

Winner of the Week:

Dance Again - Jennifer Lopez (featuring Pitbull)
It's a great, energetic, catchy jam that'll keep you motivated and bopping your head to the beat.  And it has Pitbull.  I love, love, love me some Pitbull.

The Contenders:

Lights - Ellie Goulding
Great beat, great tune - moderately paced, addictive, and energetic!  Plus, any jam that would be just as much fun dancing to in a club as dancing to on a cardio machine is cool with me!

The Motto - Drake
I went through a phase where Drake really rubbed me the wrong way, but I'm digging this jam.  The beat is steady, the flow is groovy, and it's perfect for staying on track on a long cardio workout.  Plus Lil Wayne is in it, and he's great.

Good Girl - Carrie Underwood
The ultimate fitness inspiration.  Love this girl, and this song is catchy and will keep you interested all the way through.  I just envision those crazy legs of hers, and get going!

Wild Ones - Flo Rida
I tried not to like this song.  I really did.  I failed.  Once Flo Rida comes in on the verse, I get a spring in my step that carries me all the way through the jam.

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