Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Global Fat Scale

BBC News created a very interesting online app that asks you to plug in some information about yourself, and then lets you know where you fall on the global fat scale.

It does this by calculating your BMI (body mass index - your weight in relation to your height), and then comparing it to worldwide results.

I plugged in my data - first, for when I started Get Bizzy Living, and then again for my current weight.  The change has been immense. For the sake of full disclosure here on GBL, here are my results:

Before Get Bizzy Living (approx 3 months ago):


As you can see, the Get Bizzy Living techniques I have been employing are really working - my BMI has dropped 4 points!  I sincerely hope that the techniques and tips I post can do and are doing the same for you.

So, are you ready to find out for yourself where you fall on the Global Fat Scale? Click the link below!


  1. This is awesome - great job! Just compared between my college weight BMI and where I am now - happy to see that drop in points haha

  2. Can we talk about how you're most similar to someone in Kazakhstan currently??? :)

  3. you go girl! 4 points is a big deal...AND let's not talk about the fact that now you resemble someone from Kazakhstan ;)

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