Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Afternoon Links ~ 7.23.12

Here are the links that have my mind and body buzzing this week:
  • I swear by my 100 calorie packs of almonds (Healthy fats! Cholesterol lowering! Tasty!), but they can get a wee bit repetitive after a while.  Thankfully, Blisstree put together a slideshow of some great variations - keeping the beneficial little snack new and fun.
  • Want to have a long, healthy life?  Make sure to incorporate lots of these superfoods into your diet, and embrace longevity!
  • The more I focus on my appreciation of a healthy diet and lifestyle, the less I feel the pull from fast food chain restaurants.  And incidents like this one are just another reason why I'm okay with cutting the cord on my relationship with them.
  • Be prepared to have your mind blown with this list of 20 naturally zero-calorie (or super low calorie) foods.  Snack away!
  • Road tripping this summer?  Check out some awesome snack recommendations from healthy food bloggers to keep you feeling good in the car.
  • I admit - I love Chinese food, and probably always will.  That's why it will serve me greatly (and hopefully you too) to follow these tips to make Chinese food takeout a healthier endeavor.
  • Trying to kick the diet soda habit?  These health risks related to diet sodas may help you make that move.
  • I don't think it's a coincidence that small free hand-weights at the gym are called dumbbells, because dumb is exactly how I feel most of the time when I'm trying to use them.  Luckily, Fitsugar has posted a list of a bunch of exercises to get us more comfortable using the weights.  Killer arms, here we come!   

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