Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Afternoon Links ~ 7.9.12

Here are the links that have my mind and body buzzing this week:
  • Lots of summer foods are delicious, but not the best for us.  Here are some great swaps to enjoy the most of summer eats without going overboard on calories and fat.
  • DC has been hit with record-breaking heat, making it tough sometimes to keep fitness motivation up.  Here are a few ways to keep it going, despite the hot weather.
  • Having a rough day?  Take a second to check out this inspiringaffirmation, and let your light shine!
  • Do you like to sprinkle black pepper on your meals?  Here are some reasons why this may be a healthier move than you may have thought!
  • Friday was National Kissing Day!  Here are five reasons why kissing is actually healthy!
  • Forget to put on the sunscreen and feeling it the next day?  This soothing method will help relieve your hurting skin.
  • Greatist is one of my favorite healthy life websites, and this new-and-improved list of 21 health and fitness resources is a real winner.

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