Thursday, May 3, 2012

How to Be the Healthiest Person Alive

A buddy of mine named Jay Gee recently recommended I check out an article on the Huffington Post called How to be the Healthiest Person Alive by AJ McLean.

The Huffington Post's  "Healthy Living" section is one of my go-to's for health inspiration (you all may have noticed that many of my Monday Afternoon Links come from there).

I couldn't believe how relevant Mr. McLean's points were to my own goals of living a healthy and fun life.  Among other things, he emphasizes the importance of tracking your steps with a pedometer, and taking alternative routes (like the stairs) to incorporate more physical activity.

Other ideas he suggests are ones I look forward to embracing - focusing more on chewing my food rather than wolfing it down (I like to inhale my food, what can I say?), and getting more apples, cayenne pepper, and purees into my diet.

Give it a read - it is truly inspiring, and a big motivation booster.  It's helping me realize I am working towards a good thing.  I hope it helps you, too!

by AJ Jacobs

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