Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Afternoon Links ~ 5.14.12

Here are the links that have my mind and body buzzing this week:

3 Tips for Germ-Free Travel
Especially catered to those traveling by air.  Very useful.

10 Ways to Find Your Motivation to Work Out After Work
Funnily, my favorite time to work out is after work (for the time being, at least).  But sometimes it's a struggle to push myself to go - this is a great way of minimize that mental debate.

54 Unexpected Ways to Hack Your Health
Beer as shampoo?  Don't mind if I do!

Are You Making These Nutrition Mistakes?
Among other things, they stress the importance of hydration, and you all probably know how I feel about some good old fashioned H20 at this point!

The Best New Ways to Boost Your Metabolism
There are so many good ways you can affect your metabolism, and they're easier to do than you'd think!

Best of the Worst
A great guide to "healthified" versions of the best junk food.  I can't wait to make the healthified macaroni and cheese!!

Biggest Brunch Offenders
Quite complementary to my piece on breakfast last week.

Do Vitamins and Supplements Actually Work?
There are two schools of thought on this one - I prefer to think that they do, and that is why I take a handful of them daily (future post!).

Easy Ways to Destress When You Don't Have Time
One of my good childhood friends started this amazing women empowerment site.  This is just one of the useful articles available there.

Energy Ups and Downs?  Your Caffeine-Drinking May Be to Blame
A nice supplement to my post on caffeine from a few weeks back.

How Much Do Americans Really Exercise?
I feel lucky and motivated living in a city where the exercise rate is significantly higher than the rest of the USA, but the lack of exercise nationwide is a very scary cause for concern.

Starbucks Summery Beverages:  Which to Skip, Which to Sip
A great guide on the best choices from the famous java hotspot.

This Is How Much Sugar Is In Your 'Healthy' Breakfast
Showing the tangible amount of sugar is a staggering, tangible way to see just how good or bad your favorite snacks can be for you.  Very informative.

The Truth About Coconut Water
This surprised me greatly, since I've been a devout Vita Coco fan for quite some time, now.  No matter what you take from the article, I think it's still safe to assume that coconut (and/or regular) water will always be better for you post-workout than sugary re-hydrating sports drinks.

The Tumblr Guide to Healthy Living
A cheat sheet on a bunch of different ways to live a healthy lifestyle - super cool!

What You Need to Know About Smoothies
Lots of good advice in here - I'm not a big fan of mixing milk or yogurt into my smoothies anyway, but it's interesting to see why they recommend against it!

The Yoga of Driving: 7 Tips for a Stress-Free Drive
Yet another way that yoga's real-life applications can improve your life!

Check out the other three moves here.


  1. Just read this other piece on coconut water and thought of you. Good compliment to your link in this post!

    1. This is great, Lucy - thank you so much for sharing! I love that this article is less cynical about the benefits of coconut water. I have never tried anything but the regular Vita Coco - I think it's time for me to start branching out on flavors! Are you a fan?

    2. No I've only ever had the regular as well, but the mango and pineapple flavors sound really good for summer. Will definitely be giving them a try soon and I'll let you know what I think!