Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pump It

Last Wednesday, I went to a BodyPump class at Fitness First with my super sweet mother-in-law Judy (aka Mama Bracks) and cutie future sis-in-law Margo (remember her?).

It was challenging, high-energy, fast-paced, and made me repeatedly (and intensely) use muscles I wasn't even aware that I had.  Rhythmically set to an awesome and upbeat playlist of music, the class featured lunges, squats, presses,  bicep curls, and a heck of a lot more - all while holding a barbell (not a barbel - though that would be pretty intense too for different reasons, I could imagine).  

Mama Bracks, me, and Margo - taking BodyPump by storm!
Exercise classes used to be the scariest thing in the world to me.  I've never been athletically gifted, and the idea of being in a room with 30 other people who seem to not only know what they're doing, but do it amazingly well, was incredibly daunting to me.  I had to face a major fear of mine to go to this class.  My determination to get my body in tip-top shape had to trump any terror I had about looking stupid in front of my peers.  I had to take a chance, and I'm so very glad I did.

Don't get me wrong - I didn't get there and all of a sudden transform into Super Bizzy.  I felt like such a newbie and weakling.  My knees were wobbling, my thighs were shaking, and there were moments when I felt like my arms were actually going to fall off of my body. I was fumbling and bumbling around with my barbell, struggling quite openly with the hardest moves and at times throwing up my arms in exasperation (which was quite a painful maneuver in itself after lifting barbells for 45 minutes).

Meanwhile, next to me, Mama Bracks was kicking butt and taking names (she goes twice a week!!) and Margo is a natural athlete so she had a great grip on what to do.  But they were both sweating and feeling it too, and it was great to have moral support and someone to turn to and laugh with when things got really ridiculous (or, on occasion, to exchange looks of pure apprehensive horror with about upcoming moves).

Today is one of the first days since the class that I haven't wanted to shrivel up into a ball every time I have needed to use my legs.  It's a class that gives you pain that you feel everywhere afterwards, but it's the good kind of pain.  It's the kind of hurt that makes me know that I'm doing things to better my body and tone my muscles.

BodyPump is available worldwide, and I highly recommend it if you want a fast-paced way to get your muscles working big time with great results.  Don't worry if you're like me and have a perpetual fear of group exercise classes - once the music starts pumping, it's just you, your barbell, and a very supportive instructor pushing you through.  I ended up having such a good time that I can earnestly say that I'm  'pumped' to go back (couldn't resist that pun)!

I just have to wait for my body to stop being sore, first.

All in a day's work for Super Bizzy.

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